Burman Steering Box – Part 1

Now I know what the horrible crunching sound is when you crank the steering wheel too hard while you’re not moving. Parallel parking in San Francisco can be rough sometimes. This time the… Continue reading

Victory By Design – Alfa Romeo

One of the best Alfa Romeo history documentaries I’ve seen. Watch it here!

Gas Leak

The GTV is leaking gas. But only when the engine is on. That’s strange. It doesn’t seem to be coming from the main fuel line or the gas tank. You can see the… Continue reading

Alfa Romeo Color Charts

Petrolicious – An Alfa Summer Affair

The six part series from Petrolicious, one of my favorite vintage car / Alfa Romeo websites. Adventures in Italy living the Alfa Romeo GTV dream, or is it a nightmare? An Alfa Romeo Summer Affair… Continue reading

The Alfa Romeo Engine

Here’s a collection of Alfa Romeo engine cut away views, cross sections, exploded views and other pictures. 

Alfa Romeo Gearbox Oil

I have no idea what type of fluid is in the car now, or how old it is. I’m going to replace it with new stuff. This should be pretty easy. There’s a… Continue reading

Alfa Romeo Valve Cover

It looks pretty easy to check the timing in the Alfa Romeo owners manual. I thought I’d give it  shot. It’s easy to get the valve cover off. Looks like the valve cover… Continue reading

Alfa Romeo Central Parts Opertaions

A beautiful Alfa Romeo brochure or advertisement for the spare parts department, Central Parts Operations. From alfa-male.com

Alfa Romeo GTV – Flushing The Radiator

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. I know practically nothing about working on an Alfa Romeo, or any car really, But with a few basic mechanical skills, I can learn as I go. I’m going through the Alfa Romeo… Continue reading

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